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Post by Arys on Mon May 25, 2015 3:38 pm

Reign Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Day off!

Tuesday: 6:20 (EST) Group pub session on POM
8:00 (EST) Training session

Wednesday: 5:00 (EST) Training session
8:00 (EST) Scrim vs. DoF
Thursday: 6:40 (EST) Pub session on POM or Duel
8:30 (EST) Scrim vs. TSC or Rastaferi

Friday: 7:00 (EST) Training session
9:00 (EST) Going over maps (Callouts, strats)

Saturday: TBD, Depending on when the match is scheduled.

Sunday: TBD, Dependning on when the match is scheduled.

Other news, John will be the permanent caller for Reign (Arys will be helping out while John is calling, sort of like a dual-callership), for every map their will be a weekly set lineup, this lineup will practice with each other to make sure cohesion is at it's best. Reign may not be our sponsor for much longer, we might be moving to a new one, and we will probably be moving to a new teamspeak in the upcoming days.

No more losing boys, the grind is officially on.

#beatblacktide #clinch4thspot


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